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New Fanfictions

Despite what I keep telling myself, I’m working a a couple new Fanfictions. They’re both loosely based off of two of my favorite things: Stephen King’s epic novel The Stand and one of the most outstanding cyberpunk video games of recent years Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

As always, I’m reading reviews and messages.  Got an idea?  Want me to update a story?  Drop me a message here or on!  I’m trying to work on old stuff too.  As soon as AP testing is over, I’ll try to get you some updates and maybe even post one of my new fics.


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Working on a New Fic

It’s an alternate universe where the flock has to survive a reality TV show with the help of Jeb. Not sure where it goes after that.  Loosely based off of Surviving Antarctica by Andrea White.  Mostly got the idea from there and running away with it.

Bringing back Marian Janssen and maybe Ari.  We’ll see how the first few chapters go.

I’ll post a link when I put it up.

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Reblog this if you’re a Maximum Ride fan in the Tri-state area.


I’m so curious. I only know 4 other people who like MR near me. That needs to change. 

Especially because I’m cosplaying Max soon and I just want a Flock really really bad okay.

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Maximum Ride Confession #5

I wish in the books that Iggy and Max had a better relationship.  It’s the reason I write Iggy and Max’s relationship like that in some of my fics.  I always thought he could be like the goofy big brother, but serious when it got down to it all, like handling things between Fang and Max.  Or even Iggy’s relationship with Fang.  (Although there are plenty of Figgy fics out there to make up for their lack of interaction in the series.)

But in general, I really wish Iggy had become a more developed character in the series because he’s one of my favorites.

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Maximum Ride Confession #4

Total is my least favorite character. I think he’s meant to be there for comic relief, but we already have Iggy and Gazzy for that.  It’s the reason I don’t write Total or Akila into any my fics.

Sorry, Akila.  I think I may be a cat person too.

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Maximum Ride Confession #3

The Final Warning was pointless.  Except the fact that Total met Akila.  

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Maximum Ride Confession #2

I think Jeb always had the best intentions.  He truly loved each of the flock members, he just got lost in what he thought was right and forgot about being a little selfish and doing what he wanted.  In another reality, I think Jeb may have been a good dad.  Although everything in the books says otherwise.

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Maximum Ride Confession #1

I feel like Ari could have been great as part of the flock.  If he had joined Max’s side sooner, he would have been a great little brother, worrying about Max.  It would have been cute.  In fact, I like Ari a lot as a character, you know?  I mean, the Ari in the first three books.  Forget that crap in Nevermore.

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6 Things That were Brilliant in Nevermore

Don’t read because I’m spoiling stuff.  The list is in no particular order.  Just what came to mind.

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I don’t know why, but it kinda hurts to see all the hate for Nevermore.  I mean, everyone’s allowed to have their own opinions, and I respect that.  It’s just people claim to be fans, and then they go saying how horrible it was.

I guess I just feel disillusioned by the whole fandom sometimes.  There are a lot of good fans out there, but I don’t know.  Fandoms suck when there’s hate going on.